Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Fake Nail Advantage

Well manicured and polished nails are an important accessory for most womens appearance. Matching their nails to their look strikes a great balance whereas on the other hand, nails that are poorly taken care of can strike the opposite effect.

Ensuring nails are kept well groomed is a difficult task and a lot of women resort to wearing fakes ones to save time. The other advantage of wearing fake ones is the greater strength if they have weaker nails and have problems growing their own to a good length. Fake nails are also very customisable and looks can be changed quite easily.

As you can imagine, there are a number of types of fake nails available to use. Acrylic nails have been around for quite a long time but a fairly newish design are thermo plastic ones. These are acetone proof, anti bacterial and will be resistsnt to UV light so they will not fade.

These fake nails can be painted in almost any colour and designed with most accessories. In addition, the nail polish will tend to last longer as it will not chip so easily. They are great if you are interested in nail art or having some design done. The base will be better for the additional paint and accessories and you will not be doing any damage to your own nail. There are endless possibilites with various design and decals and the ability to design your own. When you have had enough of them it will be a lot easier to remove the fake nail base than to remove everything from your own nail.

When they are used carefully, fake nails will not do any real damage to the natural nails. There is sometimes some surface damage to nail beds but nothing long lasting as these will grow back by themselves.

There are many great nail techniques around and people often stick to one style. With long lasting gelish or Shellac around fake nails are not so much needed for the long lasting effectiveness any more, however when it comes to their versatility and ease such as when adding nail art they still have a place in the salon and in your choice when it comes to design. You can always try this Professional beauty salons cornwall services -

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